Saturday, February 11, 2017

The Prosperity Game: Expand Your Imagination and Decrease Your Resistance to Your Prosperity

The Prosperity Game

By Stephanie E. Wilson-Coleman
Author of Be Sure You Dance:  Life’s lessons to make every moment count,
Embracing Life’s Lessons and Is Anybody Listening?  ·
     In lieu of creating a vision board, my staff and a few close friends starting playing “The Prosperity Game.”  We decided to play the game for thirty days and to record not only our purchases but also our emotions and inner thoughts.  The purpose of the game is to expand your imagination and decrease our resistance to the good the universe has prepared for us and is diligently trying to deliver.  However, because of our resistance, the Universe has been unable to do so.  I was extremely excited and actually thought I would be able to sail through the game without any adverse thoughts.  But this was not the case.
     The first day of the game, my emotions ran the gamut from not having enough money to not knowing what to buy.  When I did make my purchases, I was concerned if I spent my money wisely.  While these emotions caught me by surprise, I was abruptly made aware of areas in my life where my vibration did not match my dreams. 
   Both Mathew (Mathew 7:7) and Luke (Luke 11:9) tell us what we ask for we receive, seek we find and when we knock it will open.  What is not clear are the required steps for asking, seeking and knocking.  During the course of our life, we often ask for prosperity and receive lack, look for health and find illness.  Frantically, we search for answers, any answer.  We look everywhere but manage to overlook our thoughts, the culprit of any dis-ease we experience.  We tend to avoid our thoughts because we want our life to change but we do not want to change. 
     If we are to improve the quality of our demonstrations, we must change our thoughts, our vibrations, and our conversations.  Knowing this is not enough.  After acknowledging the need to change, we must start to demand of ourselves higher standards.  Refuse to participate in conversations that are filled with things you do not want to experience, e.g. sickness, poverty, bad relationships, lack, limitations.  Use your most powerful tool, your thoughts, to create the good you deserve, the good you crave.  Talk about being financially independent, refuse to gossip and more importantly attach only positive statements things to your I AM. 
     The Prosperity Game reminded me that we ask, knock and seek with our feelings, thoughts, and words.  Guard them with care.  Make a commitment to focus on situations, thoughts, and feelings that make you feel good.  This is the key to success.  This is the key to fantastic manifestations.
     Remember, life is too short to drink cheap champagne.

Stephanie, a Success Mindset Mentor & Transformational Specialist, has the uncanny ability to help others break through toxic emotions and heal the residue left from traumatic experiences that are causing them to sabotage their success. She has an insatiable appetite for helping others achieve the impossible. She lives her inspiration as the founder of The Champagne Connection, Inc.,, the author of 3 books and the Host of the television show "A Sip of Inspiration"   Her super power: Transforming Lives

Stephanie helps people talk about, identify and work to resolve the difficult, emotional, and often painful behavior and actions that affect their financial health and the health of their families.