Sunday, December 16, 2012

Your choices are and will always be reflected in your human experience.  Are you opening the door in front of you because of fear and anger or are you choosing the door from a place of love and service?  Be well acquainted with the emotions that are driving your choices for these will determine the course of your life.        

During my life I have made a lot of choices, some were easy comfortable decisions but some were filled with risk and uncertainty.  The latter provided the most growth and was well worth any discomfort my ego felt.  With each choice, I learned to trust Spirit, the Living One, to listen to my heart and to follow my intuition.

For years, I believed that playing it safe was the way.  I followed rules set forth by our society.  Rarely did I follow the yearning in my soul.  Then my life collapsed around me leaving me homelessness and hopeless.  As I worked to rebuild my life, I started to listen to my inner voice.  As I allowed my intuition to guide me, I chose to listen to my spirit.  I was able to rebuild my life better than I expected.  The only regrets I have were the times I doubted my ability, depended on someone else to make my dreams come true and believed someone could love me better than I could love myself.  When you trust Spirit and dare to believe beyond what you think is possible, magic happens.     

I have learned that the only way you can give your faith a fighting chance is to believe in the dreams in your heart and the magic you can create.  Feed only the thoughts that inspire, ignore the rest.  Surround yourself with people who motivate you, who can extend an uplifting hand to help you climb the mountains in your life.  Remind yourself how wonderful you are, forgive daily and re-think what you believe is possible. 

As you chose your next experience, I ask that you live like you are dying and remember to dance. 

Mountain Climbing Strength