Sunday, June 28, 2015

Need to change your life? Try going Back to Basics.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

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Monday, June 22, 2015

Starting TODAY, spend no more time thinking you don’t have what it takes to live your dreams. Trust that this omnipotent Universal power knows best. You must start to believe in the magic you can create.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Are You Living in Your Imagination or 
Living in Your Nightmares? 

     My words are always to encourage you to listen more closely to that still small voice within you that is saying “you can do it”.  My words are meant to encourage you to believe that you have what it takes to climb the mountains in your life, that you already have all of God you need in this moment; to believe you are worthy of the best.
     I am compelling you to accept your greatness today.  The Gospel According to TI urges us to Do it to the maximum cause big things popping, lil’ things stopping.  When you are inspired and hopeful each and every day, then you know things are gonna’ change. 
     In order to change your life you must Heal Your Addictions. 
     When we think of addictions, we often think of addictions to substances, such as drugs, alcohol and perhaps gambling.  But I’m talking about more common addictions; things that are so natural to us that we sanction them by saying “that’s just normal human behavior.” 
·         1st Addiction - The Addition to Idle Conversations, most commonly referred to as Gossip.
We have the same amount of time as Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Oprah.  168 hours a week, or 525,600 minutes in a year.  So ask yourself, why aren’t you rich?
Often we waste these precious minutes on things and people that will not lead us closer to success. 
The 23rd number of Psalms gives us an important safety tip.  While in the valley of death, we are cautioned to walk through the valley of the shadow of death.  It does not say stop, collect $200, take pictures, knit a sweater, gossip, and judge others.  While in the valley experiences of our life, we seem to enjoy pointing out the mistakes of others.  For some reason we choose to spend our precious minutes actively studying what someone else should be doing or saying.  With all the power we possess, we are still unable to change others.  It is said that people with extraordinary minds talk about ideas, people with average minds talk about events, but people with simple minds talk about other people.  Which are you?  I’ll wait.     
If you kept a dairy, you would find that we spend approximately 20 hours a week, not working toward our goals, but being actively involved in activities that will keep us from being successful.  We want our lives to change, but we don’t want to change our behavior.  We spend $1.50 more than we make and we are surprised when we do not have any savings.  Engaging in gossip, participating in conversations that affirm the poor state of the economy, talking about too much month at the end of our money, and offering unwanted advice and opinions about what other folk our doing are ways to keep you from climbing the mountains in your life.   These conversations will guarantee you will never leave base camp.   Instead, keep your mind on your dreams, and your dreams on your mind.
     Make sure you spend your 525,600 minutes talking about love, joy.  All of your conversations should be healing, inspiring and uplifting. 
·         2nd Addiction – FEAR –
     We are satisfied to make verbal declarations about the goodness of God.  God is good all the time or I’m blessed and highly favored are just a few.  But the state of our lives seems to reflect a different reality.  In one breath, we are blessed and highly favored but in the next, our conversation is filled with some kind of lack, limitation, sickness and poverty.  We seem to believe that God exists everywhere except where we are; God is working miracles in lives, but not in our lives.  We spend our days praying the same prayer, not because we don’t believe but because we want a different answer. 
     Starting TODAY, spend no more time thinking you don’t have what it takes to live your dreams.  Trust that this omnipotent Universal power knows best.  You must start to believe in the magic you can create.
·         3rd Addiction – Limited Imagination  -
We have been mesmerized by tales of woe and have become card carrying members of the International Alliance of Misery.  We spend an inordinate amount of time talking about the mountains in our lives and thinking about what else could go wrong.  We are constantly using our power of imagination to create trials and tribulations. 
Lesson #59 in the Tao Te Ching states “If there is a good sense of Virtue (God), then nothing is impossible.  If nothing is impossible, then there are no limits.  This lesson implies that the key to living your best life is to keep your focus on the possibilities and not the obstacles.  Unfortunately, we do a better job destroying our dreams, weakening our will and sabotaging our success than anyone else.  We allow our minds to actively participate in flights of fantasy that include flirtations with illness, failure, unemployment and even death.   Take the advice given by Nelly, instead of talking about how bad the crime is, imagine blocks and blocks of no cocaine, blocks with no gun play; ain’t nobody shot, so ain’t no news that day. 
     As I started climbing the mountains in my life, I discovered the spiritual law called the law of attraction, however, it was not until 1996 when I hit rock bottom that I truly begin to practice it.
     We have learned that quantum physicists have concluded that everything in our universal plane is interconnected and made up of energy.  Scientists have also agreed that we have the undeniable ability to choose how we will respond to the events or dramas in our lives and this action serves as a sort of a conductor to attract items with the same energetic frequency.  Your power of imagination, or visualization, creative or otherwise, is the answer. 
     Sustained visualization will soften your resistance and increase your vibrational energy toward your dream.  Once you are able to hold this positive vibration, you will be able to manifest the experience. 
    Simply stated, the process of visualization can be summed up as faith in action.  We must diligently guard where we place our faith.  Do you have more faith in “bad economic times” than in the Universes’ ability to fulfill all your desires?  Do you spend your time wondering how you’re going to continue to drive your SUV with the escalating gas prices; OR do you use your imagination to visualize living in hilltop houses driving 15 cars?  I’ll wait.
          Now you are probably wondering how to eliminate the unwanted drama you create daily.  Because living out of your imagination is easier than you think, there is no requirement for you to do anything to eliminate the negative activity you are currently experiencing.  You simply must shift your focus to what you would like to experience.  As you spend more time “living in your imagination” you automatically decrease the time you spend “living in your nightmares”. 

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Today, surround yourself with Harmony and Peace. Fill your mind with thoughts of love and happiness.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

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When we doubt our power, we give power to our doubts. What are you giving power to today?