Friday, May 22, 2015

Back to Basics

 It is written, if you have faith as a mustard seed, you will move mountains and nothing will be impossible for you.  It is also written, faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.  What is not written is, faith is a five-letter word that is often spelled W-O-R-K. 
     A Course in Miracles states it is impossible not to believe what you see and equally impossible to see what you do not believe.  Perceptions are built on the basis of experience, and experience leads to belief.  Changing your beliefs so that you can change your experience requires consistent effort. 
     In order to manifest the many wonderful promises of the universe, we must know what we want and accept it.  Because we are intimately connected to the universal life force, whether we acknowledge it or not, we are creating experiences all the time.  All creations start as thoughts, so we must first change our thoughts, expand our minds, enlarge our beliefs, not our behavior. 
     Daily, we permit our thoughts to flirt with the most damnable circumstances.  We allow our minds to contemplate our personal diaries of “what ifs”.  What if I lose my job, what if my husband is cheating on me, what if I have a dreadful disease?  Then, we are flabbergasted when the very incident we mentally forecasted appears in our lives.  It is difficult to constantly watch our thoughts, but necessary if we are to experience the true splendor Spirit has granted.  Quickly, we must understand there is no such thing as an idle thought.  All thought produces form at some level; therefore, negative thoughts are luxuries we cannot afford. 
      Since our thoughts trigger our words, the next phase is to guard our spoken word.  The book of Genesis gives us naming power and because we are made in the image and likeness of the Divine Creative Intelligence, our words will not return to us unfulfilled.  This very image and likeness makes us all-powerful.  It is this power that commands our thoughts and words to mold the universal substance into the very forms we speak of. 
     While we are comfortably pondering scenarios that are sure to lead us to hell, we force them into existence with our words by engaging in organ recitals with our friends – my bad knees, my swollen feet and oh, my aching back.  We then fuel the fire by declaring there is not enough money to go around, the economy is bad and nobody loves me.  It should not come as a surprise when are we downsized, our health fails and our husband elopes with our best friend. 
     Because words are packed with power, utmost caution must be exercised when we speak.  Being cognizant of our words will limit the number of negative appearances we have to conquer.  If this seems too difficult, remember everything you say must take root in the outer.  If you honestly think back to a negative appearance, you will remember forecasting it. 
     By now you are wondering what you could possibly have to talk about.  It is written, whatever things are true, noble……and of good report, meditate on these things.  Because Spirit is equally present everywhere it will not be long before true abundance is the norm and not the exception in your life. 

Stephanie lives her inspiration as the founder of The Champagne Connection, Inc. which is dedicated to helping others transform their lives so they may live their dreams. Stephanie is the Host of the television show “A Sip of Inspiration, author of 3 books and the publisher of the online empowerment magazine “”