Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Cosmic Disease

By Stephanie E. Wilson-Coleman
Author of Be Sure You Dance:  Life’s lessons to make every moment count,
Embracing Life’s Lessons and Is Anybody Listening? •

Let the bells ring; sound the trumpets. The Good news is here . . . The master plan for every living thing on the face of the earth is in full effect. We should be rejoicing every minute of our life. This means everything we encounter is always for our good. Because we allow ourselves to be constantly bombarded with negative news, we must, without fail, exercise our faculty of imagination if we are to uncover the good that surrounds us. However, the benefits of regularly exercising this faculty will leave no aspect of our life untouched, and the good we imagine will always manifest in our lives in proportions greater than even we hoped for.

In spite of this promise, this guarantee, we have chosen to allow our lives to become tainted with the worst disease there is—Fear.

Our society has perpetuated a “me” consciousness that can be found at the core of all disease.   My house, my car, my job, mine . . . mine . . . mine. On the surface this seems harmless, but if we were to dig deeper into the subconscious, fear is what we would find. The uncertainty that “Our Father” will take care of us is running rampant in every phase of our life, causing us to cling to false realities for comfort, i.e. financial wealth, possession, etc. In the midst of these comforts, our soul still cries out in anguish and despair. We often find ourselves paralyzed, our career growth stifled and our personal growth nonexistent. Once we can conquer the enemy within, there will be no enemy in the outer.

If you look closer at the problems that exist in the race consciousness, you will find fear.  Fear is the creator of and masquerades as racism, sexism, greed, overachieving, underachieving and jealousy. 

The only cure for this disease is to realize that “Our Father,” who art in heaven, will never fail us or forsake us. Knowing that every problem comes divinely wrapped in its own solution should empower us and encourage us to be more creative, not paralyze us with fear. Sometimes, after we spend years pursuing an education, our dreams and our inner voice becomes obscure.
Over time, this inner voice will lessen to a mere whisper, unable to be heard over the clamor of the world. The world teaches us to dance to the drummer of the majority, while the Creator urges us to listen to Him and follow His instructions. You see, the power comes from doing what God says. Faith is the necessary armor while on your path, but it is not the only ingredient, for faith is an action word. We must become doers of the instructions for our individual journeys.

Practice listening to the music, keep on following your star and remember morning cannot be far.  Learn to listen and follow your inner guidance, God's still small voice. This is the pathway out of fear; then and only then can miracles occur.

Fear is the only thing we shall be afraid of. It is the host encamped against us, not the confusion around us, that we need to fear; it is the lack of confidence in the good that alone should cause concern. —Ernest Holmes

Stephanie lives her inspiration as the founder of The Champagne Connection, Inc. which is dedicated to helping others transform their lives so they may live their dreams. Stephanie is the Host of the television show “A Sip of Inspiration, author of 3 books and the publisher of the online empowerment magazine “”

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