Friday, April 22, 2011

We have the ability to change our lives, our world instantly. With a snap of the fingers, we can create a new world, a different and exciting future. This power is one of the many precious gifts given to us by our Creator – the ability to see. Whether or not we are consciously aware of it, we are continuously engaging the power to see, which is constantly bringing forth into manifestation every circumstance we imagine. Endless possibilities are created through our visionary power. What we are able to see is always what we will get. When challenges appear in your life, do you see good or bad? Difficulties arise to give us new insights and to show us more ways to express love. Work on making your reaction to any uncertainty one of peace and thanksgiving. These opportunities did not come to destroy, they came to bring a blessing. Stay focused on the goal, not the steps to be taken. We do not see obstacles until we take our eyes off our goals. Constantly use your visionary power to imagine the completion of your goals.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Our society's common belief in aging and that getting older is the forerunner of poor health is a mistake. Poor health as well as visible outer signs of aging is simply an out – picturing of our beliefs. If we believe with each birthday we will look older, then we will. If we allow negative thinking and attitudes to persist, we will have poor health. The human body is an amazing machine. The organs function without any conscious prompting by us. Both internal and external body parts shed the old cells and replaces them with new cells at regular intervals. Because the body is in a state of constant renewal, aging and illnesses are conditions and beliefs that we force into our consciousness. Financial prosperity is the next most misunderstood concept. Having money has nothing to do with money. Money substance is about what we believe. Holding onto worn-out emotions, worn-out relationships, feelings of envy, jealousy and hatred will block any flow of prosperity. Planting seeds of discontent and malice is sure to yield a garden of poverty and destitution. So here again, watch not only your thoughts but guard your words as if you were protecting the winning lottery ticket. Spirit is always in charge. By following the examples of our teachers, we will always remain connected to our source of power – God, the good omnipotent. By staying focused on the I AM, illness, poverty and malcontent will be replaced with good health, prosperity and joy. Establishing and maintaining spiritual integrity ensures a life filled with good things. Bid farewell to aging, poverty and unhappiness forever. Welcome health, wealth, youth and beauty. Dare to live beyond miracles!

Friday, April 1, 2011

We are all God-powered, thereby, making all things possible. Challenges are gentle nudgings from the Divine to force us to new heights. The sure way to appreciate the valleys is to look down from the mountaintop. Life is about the journey and not the destination. If you are experiencing too much turmoil, you are on the wrong path. In the face of difficulties,meditation, quiet time and exercise are helpful in staying focused on the desired result and not on the perceived discomfort. Instead of giving into the urge to vent frustration and anger the next time your buttons are pushed, try affirming quietly, “Nothing can disturb the calm peace ofmy soul.” When you are calm, then proceed with the business at hand. Remember in the midst ofanger, the creative mind shuts down and the blood pressure elevates, releasing harmful toxinsinto the body. The voice of Infinite Kindness is a small, still, quiet voice. It can not be heard in the heat of anger, therefore, we must strive to maintain a peaceful disposition. We are cocreatingour experiences with Spirit and that should be our focus. All things, good or bad, are simply an out-picturing of our inner thoughts. You choose: success or failure.

Mountain Climbing Strength