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A Tribute to Mothers

A Tribute to Mothers

By Stephanie E. Wilson-Coleman
Author of Be Sure You Dance:  Life’s lessons to make every moment count,
Embracing Life’s Lessons and Is Anybody Listening?  ·

     For centuries the month of May has been filled with continual celebrations of Motherhood.  Retailers have noted that during the last hundred years, this is the most celebrated holiday of the year.  Our guidance for Mother’s day is often traced back to the sixth commandment, Honor your Father and Mother, that your days may be long upon the land which the Lord your God is giving you.  (Exodus 20:12; Deuteronomy 5:16).  Because of this, we adorn our Mothers with gifts, flowers, and dinners.  At the end of the day, we are convinced that we have somehow, extended to our Mothers the same measure of love they have given and continue to give to us.
      Because the Bible is told in parables, we must train ourselves to find the deeper meaner of the words spoken.  The key ideas in this commandment are Motherhood, days and land.  Motherhood represents the nourishing element of Spirit, in which spiritual ideas are brought to fruition; day represents the state of mind in which intelligence dominates, understanding; land represents the consciousness of the physical body. 
     As I write this column, my mind is filled with questions, anxiety, and uncertainty.  I wonder if I ever thanked my Mother for giving me life, a sense of adventure and a love of Spirit.  While growing up, my Mother was truly Spirit embodied.  Because my Mother fervently believed in the power of positive thinking, I was constantly encouraged to step outside of what I believed possible and allow myself to “daydream” about what could become, not just what was.  Then I was challenged to “make it so.”  This allowed me to explore the magic in what would appear to be ordinary moments.  I became comfortable creating in my mind, a life filled with health, success, and prosperity.  Undoubtedly, this is one of the habits, visualization, and imagery, that created the ladder for the multiple overcomings’ and resurrections in my life. 

     As I contemplate the vast meaning of Motherhood in my life, I become cognizant that my life has been filled with a variety of people who have provided me with nourishment, guidance, and love; however, not all have been women.  Through my grandparents, aunts, cousins, uncles, friends (female and male), and my spouse, I have learned impenetrable trust, absolute honesty, unlimited joy, unquestionable friendship.  At the core of these relationships are sanctuaries where I experience unconditional love; the expectation to feel safe enough to be myself; a place where I am expected to discuss my feelings of blissful jubilation and explore any feelings of woeful dismay.  And this is just the beginning. 
     My meager benevolence of dinner, flowers, and gifts will never match the characteristics and attributes my Mother careful blended in the blueprint of my soul, for my Mother carefully constructed my life with a foundation strong enough to withstand the storms that would truly appear.  The surrogate Mothers in my life have aided in preserving my Mother’s investment, me. 
     So this Mother’s Day, I will continue to be grateful, for this is the well from which I freely drink.  I can only hope I have done half the job for my children as my Mother did for me.  To all, Happy Mother’s Day. 
     Live the life you have imagined.  Dream Big.

      Remember life is too short to drink cheap champagne!

"Do not go gentle into that good night; find a hill worth dying for and take It ; be the person you're waiting for; make today so awesome, that yesterday gets jealous and above all else do it Your way."

Stephanie, a Success Mindset Mentor, has the uncanny ability to help others transform their emotional and mental obstacles into stepping stones to living their dreams.  She has an insatiable appetite for helping others achieve the impossible.  She works with people to recognize, uncover and reconcile painful feelings, hidden secrets and memories that are affecting their financial health and the health of their families. She lives her inspiration as the founder of The Champagne Connection, Inc., the author of 3 books and the Host of the television show "A Sip of Inspiration”, and  She is also a regular contributor to The MetaMonthly Magazine, Champagne and Beyond Magazine,, and Ezine Articles.  

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